Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Living Blogcariously

I love reading good blogs, I do, I really do. I even created a "Favorite Blogs" folder so I could access them quickly. I coined the phrase "living blogcariously" - which is what I do, live a vicarious blog through my friends' postings. Just yesterday I was thinking, "Gosh, Char, wouldn't it be cool if you could add your OWN blog to your favorites list?!" So, as a result of that thought process, here I am, typing like mad on my own blog. If I get more than 1 comment, I think I shall add this blog to my favorites list. (I should really figure out how to post more pictures on here too, for I have some darn cute kids that I love to show off.)

As my 2 readers already know, life has changed dramatically since my last blog. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy St. Patrick's Day - Mendon Josef. He is such a sweet baby. I really think I was right when I said, "The worse the pregnancy is, the better the baby!" He was 8 pounds, 9 oz. and 20 inches long. My biggest baby by more than 1 pound - no WONDER I couldn't move very well at the end and every step - or misstep - was painful! Some have wondered where we came up with the name Mendon - so buckle up for some good reading.

Before I was born, a family lived 2 houses down from my parents. They were pretty close. The mom gave birth to a little boy, Mendon. One morning, Mendon's mom called my mom and said, "Mendon is dead." My mom rushed over, and sure enough, this little Mendon had passed away from SIDS. His mom never held him again, and shortly after, the family moved away and my family never again heard from them. Even though I never knew this little baby, he has had such an impact on my life. Every year since then on Memorial Day, my mom puts a sweet boquet from her garden on his headstone. I've never seen any other flowers there. From my mother, I've learned what service is, what Christlike love is - and I've always loved this little Mendon whom I never knew. I thought it fitting for me to name my last baby boy after this little one who has taught me so much - through my mother. Thank you Mom!!

Mendon fits right into our family - his brothers and sister love him SO much! They fight over who gets to hold him, and now I have yet another "bribe" for my kids. "Corman, clean up your room and you can hold Mendon!" Yes, works like a charm every time!! I'm not saying I love getting up a few times a night, all the added laundry a little one produces, getting puked on or peed on right after I shower, a sore neck and back - but, OH, I love my baby! And my other babies too!

Right now I'm serving as Primary President in our ward, and it is a challenge. I told the bishop I was excited for my maternity leave, and he just laughed. I wasn't kidding. Seriously though, I have great counselors who can do ANYTHING - and they really do! I'm ready to be back though and see all my kids again. Believe it or not, I've missed them the past 4 weeks! I don't know if I'll say that again after church on Sunday, but for now, it's the truth.

Jason is madly working on his masters' degree - and I'll tell you what, we are SO ready for him to be FINISHED! This whole newborn/masters/primary/Young Men/3 other kids thing is really wearing on us. Now you know why I'm so excited for our "date" to a wedding reception Saturday night! How pathetic is that?! But heck, I'll take what I can get! We're going down to Cedar City to walk for his graduation in a couple weeks, then he has 2 more classes in July and DONE. Can you tell I'm ready for this to pass??

I think I'm about done here for a while - here I was thinking this was going to be some witty, funny, charming post on my blog.....but it looks more like a whine session. Yes, please, I would like some cheese with my whine. Do you have any aged smoke gouda perhaps?