Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Fruits of Our Labor

I don't know why, but for some reason today I feel like posting on my blog. Don't pass out, my 3 blog followers. It's going to be ok.

Also, for some reason, I'm feeling somewhat nostalgic. I was thinking today that it was EIGHTEEN years ago that I graduated from junior high. Where on earth did that time go? I mean, I still look and feel exactly like I did 18 years ago, right?! It's been fun to reconnect with some of those junior high buddies on Facebook. And it's interesting, too, to see who's still a brother(sister) in the gospel. I'm grateful that I have remained faithful and I'm SOOOOOOOO glad for what I know! Life is just too short to put faith aside.

I'm also feeling so grateful for my three beautiful children! The fruits of my 3 labors are amazing! It's strange to think my oldest will be starting kindergarten in the fall - but it's even stranger to think that some friends my age have kids starting/or already in junior high! I'm certainly far from the perfect mother, but days like today make me think that sometimes I'm a pretty ok mom! Corman didn't even tell me today that I broke his heart. Certainly an improvement from yesterday! I've really taken a look at how I spend each day with my kids, and more and more I want to put the work aside and play with my kids! Dishes will still be there tomorrow (oh, speaking of dishes, I need to run the dishwasher!), but my kids won't be kids forever! So today we played on my bed for a long time and I got a great workout playing airplane with Corman, Cecelia and briefly with Lincoln. Ah, the joys! I'm also so grateful to know that my kids are mine FOREVER! Ah. See? I'm grateful for what I know!

Finally, I've always been amazed by my own mother who has done so much throughout her life. I wondered for years why she gardened so much and loved all that she has done in her garden. I've certainly benefited with numerous amounts of produce! So now I've finally gotten the love for yard and gardens like she has. Well, maybe not quite so grandiose, but still a good start. Tonight I picked an entire colander FULL of strawberries, and I only picked half the patch. My back was KILLING me after that - ok, fine. I don't feel like I did 18 years ago in jr. high! You caught me! I'm watching my peas get almost ready to pick, the sugar snap peas are doing great, I transplanted about 50 bulbs.... I love the feeling I get when I can reap the benefits of the fruit of my labor! It feels GREAT!

And with that, I will leave this blog for another month (or five).

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I have a blog??

A dear friend of mine just reminded me that I have a blog. Then I realized that blog is glob spelled backwards. Then I thought, "Gee, I should have named my blog something like The Johnson Glob Blog." But, seeing as only 5 people have ever read my blog, I'll just leave it like it is and give you some more jabberings. My New Year's gift to the world. More Charlene blogging. Globbing. It's late.

Where to start. This week was interesting. We've all been coughing up lungs (you should have SEEN how big Jason's was!), Cecelia almost broke Lincoln's nose, and we regressed on potty training. On the positive note, I can't help but be amazed by the pure innocence of childhood.

Take, for example, Corman. 5. Boy. Corman watches 19-year-old girl eat waffles with us. He says, "You better stop eating. You're going to get a tummy ache." Let us all hope and pray he grows out of noticing how much girls eat by the time he's 16!

Then, there's Cecelia. 3. Girl. We read a Noah's Ark book earlier this week, and of course, as in most Noah's Ark books, animals are drawn in pairs. When I asked her what a certain pair of animals were, she excitedly said, "Those are snails. Hey, SNAILS! I have those in my hair!" I was stumped. I really DO wash her hair, not with beer (a great snail bait), but she's clean and generally well kempt. Then the little light went on above her head as she said with a sheepish smirk, "Oh wait, SNARLS." Oh my goodness. I busted a gut. I think she might have been hurt for a minute, thinking I was laughing at her, but who wouldn't?? SNAILS in her hair!!! I quickly and lovingly explained that I was simpy laughing because she is so darn cute. And if that ain't the truth, nothing is.

Finally, my little Lincoln. 10 months. Boy. Jason and I had gone to the temple with my nephew one morning and left the kids with a babysitter. (She's great!) When we got home a few hours later, Lincoln literally ATTACKED me with hugs and great big gargantuan slobbery, open-mouth kisses. I've never felt so loved (and somehow I don't mind getting slobbered on by that little boy - but don't give Jason any ideas!)!

Ah yes, the innocence and perfect love of children. Moments like these make you think the near broken noses, potty regressions and telling a girl to stop eating in case of a tummy ache - are all worth it.